Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

angelic fall from Jewish and Christian

traditions. ‘‘Behold! We said to the

angels ‘Bow down to Adam’: they

bowed down except Iblis [Satan]. He

was one of the Jinns [in the Koran these

are spirit beings, either identical to or

similar to angels] and he broke the

command of his Lord’’ (Sura 18:50).

Satan disobeyed the command to bow

down to Adam, according to the Koran,

because he considered himself superior

to men: ‘‘(Allah) said: ‘What prevented

you from prostrating when I

commanded you?’ He said: ‘I am better

than he: Thou didst create me from fire,

and him from clay’ ’’ (Sura7:12).

The Koran suggests an intriguing

second reason why Satan refused

Allah’s command: he knew, somehow,

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