Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

[ 28 ]Muslim, vol.4, book 33, no. 6429.

[ 29 ]It could be said that Islam more

closely resembles Protestant Christianity

in this regard than it does the Catholic

faith. Though Islam has written

traditions (the Hadith), it lacks an

authoritative human interpreter of its

accepted revelation (the Koran) when

questions or disputes arise. A similar

situation confronts the Protestant when

he reads his Bible and seeks to

understand its mysteries — he has

nowhere to turn for definitive guidance.

The Catholic faith, however, has always

affirmed the need for such a definitive

guide in matters of belief: the

Magisterium (or ‘‘teaching office’’) of

the Church. It is the Magisterium (that

is, the pope and the bishops united with

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