Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

States now has more Muslims than Presbyterians. Every
month, new mosques are being established in all parts of the
country, particularly in our major cities. The days when a
Catholic would be as likely to meet a Muslim as he or she
would a bushman of Africa are long gone. In all probability,
the coming years will find many Catholics in the United
States encountering followers of Islam in their
neighborhoods, schools, and supermarkets. Catholics need
an understanding of this mysterious faith so that they will be
better prepared in this age of dialogue to counter its
challenges to Christianity, and to be more effective
witnesses to the Gospel.

Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics utilizes a question-
and-answer format so that all Catholics — both the
theological novice and the well-catechized — can learn the
basics of Islam. In most of the answers, the authors have
provided the reader with an explanation of Catholic teaching
on the topic at hand, so as to illustrate more clearly the
deficiencies of many Islamic beliefs and at the same time to
help you more fully grasp your Catholic faith. As far as we
know, Inside Islam is the first question-and-answer book on
Islam from a Catholic perspective in several decades.

To help you move through the book at a good pace, we
have put extra information about many of Islam’s intriguing
beliefs in the back of the book as endnotes. You’ll find
many questions explored in greater depth there.

My coauthor Daniel Ali is a Catholic convert from
Islam. Raised in Iraq, Daniel was moved at a young age by

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