Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

with whether or not he (and all mankind) submits to Allah’s

If we work out the logical consequences of the idea of
nullification, we arrive at numerous conclusions that make
Muslims uncomfortable. Even heretical Muslim sects have
defended themselves using the nullification theory,
maintaining that it proves that despite the claims of orthodox
Muslim, the Koran is not necessarily the final revelation of
Allah. After all, can He not do whatever He likes and
change anything He has said in the past? He could even
require Muslims tomorrow to become believers in the
Trinity and join the Catholic Church! If Allah Himself is not
immutable and unchangeable, or even loyal to the truth,
then we must acknowledge that when He revealed the
Koran, He meant little or nothing of what He says about
Himself, or His prophets and Books, for this information is
subject to revision or outright nullification.

Indeed, some say that the nullification theory proves
that Allah had no obvious purpose in mind when He recited
certain verses in the Koran to Muhammad. Before He was
finished revealing His words to the prophet, He said other,
contradictory things — serving only to confuse man’s
attempts to understand Him.

To allege that God has no need to adhere to the truth is
to say that God can be a liar. For Christians this is not only
blasphemy, it is an impossibility. God cannot deny Himself.
He is Truth (see Jn 14:6). He does not speak something false
to mankind and ask us to obey it. He could not rightly ask

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