Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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Chapter One

Enigma & Conspiracy

“To see the future you must look backwards” - the book of Isaiah

The beginnings, both of earth and of man, are a complete mystery.

The theories concerning our beginnings that we have been presented with, by both Academics,
who talk of evolution and gradualism; and by Theologians who claim creation, are each fraught
with a myriad of inconsistencies and contradictions. In reality, the true histories of both man and
of our planet are still an enormous riddle. It would seem that all anthropological, archeological
and now even genetic evidence says that modern man simply does not belong here.
The question was posed by scholar Zechariah Sitchin in this manner: “If life indeed began
through a series of spontaneous and random chemical events as evolution and science has so far
surmised then why is it that all life on Earth stems from a single source and not from a myriad of
different sources that were each arrived at by chance? And most importantly why does life on
Earth contain so few of the chemical elements that can be found in abundance on the Earth yet so
many others that are in fact, celestial elements, and rare to our planet? Could it be possible that
the seed of life did not actually evolve on the Earth but in fact came here from somewhere else?”

We have, in some ways, gained some insight into the very first stages of our Solar System and
our home planet. How it was first formed from the gases, elements and primordial stuff of the
universe, gradually cooling into a solid sphere and how the elements then reacted and combined
until somehow at last, the spark of life was born; but from then on, it becomes a little hazy.

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