Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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But what if the basic supposition that was used as the ‘rule of thumb’ in many of these cases
was erroneous to begin with?
What if it didn’t happen that way at all?
What if our history did not actually run as has so far been believed?
Surely if it could in any way, shown to be possible that mans history and indeed the entire
Earths history ran in a completely different way to what has been currently theorized, and taught
as fact, then shouldn’t that be investigated too? Shouldn’t all avenues be exhausted before being
dismissed, until the whole and real truth is found?
Isn’t that true investigative science?
Well, yes it is, but the trouble unfortunately, is that modern science contains a certain amount
of Politics and well, people just simply hate having their theories proved wrong. In fact it’s
always been that way. As history recalls to us, the great scientist Copernicus wasn’t even game to
release his theory on planetary rotation until he was on his death bed and it was his very last day
of life; and just look at what happened to Galileo. Even Newton, as admired and respected as he
was, never announced his involvement in Alchemy and his search for the hidden codes of
creation he believed were locked within the words of the Bible until death, for fear of being tried
for heresy. In that respect, it appears that things haven’t really changed a great deal.
If the truth be known, and in stark contrast to the currently accepted view of history we are
presented with by Academia, there are certain, and quite numerous, telltale signs on our planet
and in our solar system at large that suggest a very different course of events than the orthodox
tenet, and there are also other more esoteric signs that can be found around the world, evidence
that has been left by our ancestors clearly suggesting that they possessed a very extensive and
extraordinarily detailed knowledge of these events and of the behavior and workings of our planet
and solar system. There is also evidence that they based entire cultures on these celestial events
and believed them to be moments of incredible significance for mankind and for the earth. And
there are also tantalizing hints of a long forgotten method to decipher these earthly and celestial
signs, if we could but find a way to read and understand them.

I understand of course that most people who disagree with the theories of Charles Darwin are
almost automatically labeled as ‘creationists’ but I assure you that this is by no means the case.
In all reality, after even a cursory investigation, biblical creation stories are far too contradictory
to make any real sense. Also, in the case of the biblical tale, the really disturbing part is that the
story is not actually original to the bible as has been claimed but is in fact, as has now been
adequately proven, a borrowed, greatly edited version of a much earlier, more complete account.
By way of comparison, the orthodox accounts and theories of evolution and mans past history
that we have been given by Academia, (and that are now presented to us, virtually as concrete
facts,) are also patchy and problematic at best, while some can even appear quite fanciful.
The real problem with both theories being, that they simply cannot account for a great many
details and, in many cases, are both vastly contrary to quite solid evidence.
But cunningly, when such evidence is found, if it appears to, in some way, prove our history to
be different to what is taught; it is hurriedly dismissed, ignored, hidden, thrown into a dark
basement locker or somehow, mysteriously ‘lost.’ In the past many such acts of intellectual
vandalism were often committed in the name of various religions in an effort to maintain
supremacy. Such things are probably to be expected by religious organizations as most are
essentially insecure in their foundations and need constant reinforcement, but when we find these
deeds also being committed within the scientific community it becomes far more sinister and
disturbing. In an institution of learning such an attitude can only be described as detrimental to
the true pursuit of knowledge and extraordinarily unscientific – at best. And have you ever
noticed how many Scholars that do actually come forth with a different theory about our past, and
seriously attempt to discover and debate the real truths, often have their efforts constantly
thwarted and are invariably ridiculed and ostracized? And not just by Academia either, many are
quite often terribly vilified through legal, social, and media channels as well. It seems incredulous

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