Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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containing the same amounts of copper, again strongly suggesting a connection between to two
In his book “The Lost Realms’ Sitchin also points to the fact that beneath Tiahuanaco are a
series of complicated tunnels and sluice sections lined with smoothened Mica obviously made for
channeling waters that would have been ideal for the refining and separation of minerals and trace
elements from various ores. Sitchin goes into a great deal of detail and presents some dramatic
evidence to support his hypothesis of these mining operations but it is not the purpose of this
work to present to you the abundant wealth of supporting evidence that is presented in his books
but merely to alert you of the validity of his research. I highly recommend reading his books.
The evidence he presents to support his conclusions is amply proven in his book ‘The Lost
Realms’ but a presentation of some of the more obvious facts may be in order.


Connecting the Dots
Returning first to the possibility that the tribes of the Americas are indeed the lost tribes of
Israel and the descendents of the biblical Cain we can consider this verse from Genesis:

And Cain went away from the presence of Yahweh
And dwelt in the land of Nod, east of Eden,
And Cain knew his wife and she bore him Enoch
And he built a city
And called the city by his sons name, Enoch

The Aztec capital was called Tenochtitlan, literally meaning ‘City of Tenoch’. The city is
thought by many to have been built by a leader who named it after himself but they fail to further
take into account that the Aztecs used to refer to themselves as ‘Tenochas’ meaning the
descendents of Tenoch. For this reason many others consider Tenoch to have been a founding
father of some kind in the far distant past. When one considers the Aztec custom of prefixing
many of their people and place names with the letter T, it is not unreasonable to suggest that
Tenoch may have actually been the Biblical Enoch the actual son of Cain.
To investigate the possibility of this we only need to examine the myths and cosmology of the
South American legend to see if any relationships can be found.
The oldest civilization we have any real records of is the culture of Sumer and the fact that the
people of Ancient Sumer had advanced astronomical knowledge is certain. Now we find that the
people who inhabited the ancient and enigmatic civilizations of South America possessed exactly
the same knowledge exactly as it was known in Sumer. This fact is also certain and can be readily

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