Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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He breaches the brook away from Habitation
Where the forgotten and strange men move about
There is a land from which the ingots come
Whose underground is upheavaled as with fire
A place where the blue-green stones are
That has the ores of gold
Even a vulture knows not the way thereto
And a falcons eye has not discerned it

There He set His hand to the granite
He overturned the mountains at their roots
He cut galleries through the rocks
And all that his precious eyes had seen
He damned up the sources of the streams
And that which is hidden He brought to light


These Biblical verses coupled with ancient Sumerian texts, significant geological evidence,
local legends and the substantial genetic differences to be found in the races native to the
Americas provides a strong case that the South American civilization was indeed established by
the lost tribes of Israel and possibly even the son of Cain himself.

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