Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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anthropologists or Academic ‘heavy weight’ who has been backed into a corner by indisputable
evidence, suddenly start brandishing their degree and launch into a series of scathing personal
attacks against their opposition, simply because they can come up with no valid scientific
rebuttals to dispute the hard cold facts they have been presented with.
Unfortunately when so many debates surrounding these issues are continuously and repeatedly
conducted in such a predictable and completely unscientific manner, after a while it becomes
difficult to think imaginatively enough to see it as anything else but a conspiracy.

In all reality, any reasonable theories need to be fully evaluated. All the world leading
archeological teams need to combine their resources, all the available information needs to be
accessed and viewed together as a whole; all of the monuments need to be examined “en masse”
and all the existing ancient texts from all countries need to be studied together as one, though due
to the worlds populations constant religious and racial bickering such a thing may never actually
Many of these ancient tales have always been viewed exclusively as myth and fantasy, but
when these ancient ‘myths’ are corroborated by each other and by physical evidence and when
such inexplicable evidence is in turn found to be adequately explained by the myths then it stands
to logic and reason that perhaps a more detailed scrutiny may perhaps be in order.
Could some of these ancient texts and scriptures actually contain complex scientific
information, hidden within the narrative in the form of code or numerology as Newton and many
others have believed?
Is there a coming ‘Armageddon?’
Are we to expect a devastating global war?
Could a global catastrophe, a celestial ‘event’ or polar reversal such as is alluded to so often be
what we are being warned of in ancient texts and myths?
Is that what the monuments and astronomical alignments are trying to tell us?
Do they tell us to watch for certain astronomical or celestial signs that warn of impending

There have been many authors who have theorized that it is indeed so. In fact, it has recently
been discovered that there is a computer code or algorithm running through the entire Hebrew
Bible that has been now confirmed to be real by many of the worlds leading mathematicians. The
author who released his study of the code believes it tells us of a coming World War. The code
appears to speak of or predict all major world events past, present and future and simply has no
right being there unless someone put it there purposely, and that someone must either have been a
time traveler who knew of all the events that would ever befall the world, or lived for literally
thousands of years, or possibly even something else, some intelligence vastly more significant.
Does this mean that God is real? Could it be that time is cyclic as some have surmised? It says
in the bible that the end days will be as the first days, and implies as much in many other texts
and legends. But have both have these periods already come gone before?
Is man destined to repeat again, things that have befallen in the past?
It is the intention of this work to explore many of these questions in an effort to provide a
deeper understanding of our past, our future, ourselves and the perilous situation we now find
ourselves in.

The journey towards our future begins with an understanding of our past and so I would first
now like to present to you, a collect of rather intriguing artifacts, just so you can first see what
kind ‘ooparts’ actually have been found around our planet that might suggest to us that perhaps a
wider investigation of our true past may be sorely needed by the Powers that Be. There is a
myriad of these rather unusual discoveries that have been made, some recently, some many years
ago and all of these artifacts represent discoveries that need to be included as pieces of the puzzle
if we are ever to gain any coherent picture of our past

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