Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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mentioned in the previous chapter – and, according to our orthodox history, these objects really
are extremely Out-Of-Place!
A word must also be said here on the methods used to date many of these artifacts. In objects
that contain organic material, the Radio-carbon dating method was used. While other inorganic
objects were dated by dating the rock strata they were found in and other standard geological
methods. Both these dating techniques are subject to variation depending on past events that may
have occurred at the sites being dated and this will be discussed later but for now, consider some
of these enigmas:

The Piri Reis Map of 1513
In 1929 there was an amazing map discovered in the Imperial Archives at Constantinople that
had been sitting, virtually unexamined, for years. The map (Fig.1), which had been drawn in 1513
by a Turkish Admiral named Piri Reis, showed North America, South America, Greenland and
Antarctica. However what is so perplexing about this map is that Antarctica had not been
discovered in 1513. Antarctica was not located until 1820 and America had only been discovered
in 1492, a mere 21 years prior to the maps creation and yet it is mapped quite accurately.
Remarkably, the map also depicts several land masses bearing their correct longitudes even
though longitude itself was not discovered until the late 1700’s either.
Reis had been a famous Turkish Admiral of the 16th Century. He had a passion for maps, He
loved cartography and was a highly experienced and respected mariner. In his day, he was
considered to be an expert on all Mediterranean Lands and Coastlines and also held high in the
favors of the Turkish court. Such a noble status enabled him to enjoy privileged access to the
Imperial Library at Constantinople and he spent much of his spare time there. In his notes Reis
said that he had based his map on several much older maps he had seen at the library, including


one that Columbus is reported to have viewed prior to his voyage to the Americas. The map in
question was said to have been captured from the Spaniards in a naval engagement and later

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