Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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There was a hammer handle found inside a 100 million year old rock near London, England
(fig.26). This find was particularly unique in fact because though the exterior of the handle was
petrified, the interior was discovered to contain an amount of porous coal. Now this is very
significant and quite remarkable because there is no scientific way to account for such a thing
happening. To explain: The process of petrification occurs when timber or other organic objects
are buried in silt; when this occurs, silicates impregnate the material and dissolve it, slowly
replacing the oxygen and hydrogen which begins the process of silification which eventually


leads to petrification. Coal on the other hand, is formed by charred timber being greatly
compressed under tons of earth. The two processes could not be more different, yet in this case
each process must have occurred virtually simultaneously or in extremely short succession. As for
Science? Scientists are unable to produce petrified timber containing porous coal through any
modern methods. This also completely negates any possibility of the item being a hoax.

A Fossilized Human Hand Print
We also have the amazing and thoroughly ‘impossible’ discovery of a completely fossilized
handprint which corresponds perfectly to an actual human hand which was found in Limestone at
Glen Rose (fig.27). The fossil shows a considerable amount of detail, even the print of the thumb
nail. Do you really realize how long it takes for something to fossilize?
This fossil quite simply should not exist because the limestone in which this hand print was
found has been designated to be from the Middle Cretaceous period which places it at around 110
million years old.

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