Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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Earths Forbidden History


Searching for the Past

Table of Contents

  1. Enigma & Conspiracy

  2. Riddles from the Past
    The Piri Reis Map of 1513
    The Orontius Fineus Map of 1531
    The Bauche Map of 1737
    The Franco Rosselli Map of 1508
    The Mercater Map of 1538
    The Egyptian Pyramid
    Aztec Earplugs?
    The Lost Necklace
    The Mysterious Metal Vase
    The Puma Punka Stone
    The Nasca Lines
    The Ica Stones
    Ancient Nanotechnology
    A 500,000 year old Spark Plug
    Stone Age Modern Hand Tools
    A Fossilized Human Handprint
    An Ancient Calculator?
    An Iron Pot in Coal
    Evidence of Advanced Medical Knowledge
    A Petrified Human Skull
    Ancient Electricity
    An Ancient X-Ray Machine
    A Fossilized Human Shoeprint
    The Dropa Stones
    A Fossilized Human Finger
    A Brass Bell in Coal
    The Rhodesian Man
    A Pillar of much too Pure Iron
    2.8 Billion year old Metal Spheres
    The Crystal Skulls
    The Nampa Image
    The Dogon
    The Giant Stone Balls of Costa Rica
    The Lanzhou Stone
    The Colorado Pavement
    The Kentucky Pavement
    A Fruit that really shouldn’t exist
    Loose Ends

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