Ellie Vayo's Guide to Boudoir Photography

(Darren Dugan) #1
beautiful women. Show her examples of women who are closer to her age
and body type. My ideal client is in her forties. Today’s woman in her for-
ties typically has an established career and liquid income to spend on her
portraits. If you’re just starting out as a boudoir photographer and don’t
have a large portfolio of samples, offer to photograph friends and family.
These people can be your best spokespersons and models.

Products Offered.

One reason why a pre-session consultation is important is that it allows
you the opportunity to show clients the products you offer. Be sure you
have the best examples of your work on display. If an album is wearing out,
replace it. Also, be sure to keep the images fresh.
After successfully meeting your client, have her fill out a questionnaire
similar to the one presented on the following page.

These portfolios are examples of fin-
ished, saleable products.Top left—
Eight-pose galley.Top right—For Your
Eyes Only Album. Bottom left and
right—Twenty-page 8x10-inch albums.
They are available through General

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