Cardiovascular Fitness Procedures Manual

(coco) #1

  1. Switch on the scale by pressing the ON button; 888.8 will appear on the digital

  2. Have the SP remove his or her shoes and any heavy outer clothing such as sweaters,
    jackets, etc.

  3. As soon as the display switches to 0.0, have the SP step on the scale with his or her
    feet positioned in the center.

  4. Ask the SP to stand straight and remain still.

  5. Wait about 4 seconds for the weight to display on the digital readout.

  6. Record the weight in kilograms in the weight field.

  7. Ask the SP to step off the scale. The scale switches off automatically after 30 seconds.

If the SP’s weight is in excess of 136 kilograms, follow these steps for using two scales:

  1. Perform steps 1 through 4 (as listed above).

  2. Place the two scales side by side, but not touching each other. The scales do not need
    to be parallel to each other. They can be angled to facilitate SP positioning.

  3. Instruct the SP to place one foot on the center of each scale platform.

  4. Ask the SP to stand straight and remain still as described above in step #6.

  5. Note the two weights given, following the same procedure as if one scale were used.

  6. Add the weights displayed on each scale and enter the sum of the two weights in the
    weight field.

  7. Perform step #9 as listed above.

  8. (Note: If the SP weighs more than 350 pounds [158.8 kilograms], he or she is
    excluded from this component due to weight limitation on the equipment).

Checking SP’s Footwear

SPs are asked to bring comfortable walking shoes to the MEC; checking the SP’s footwear is

an important part of the preparations for the treadmill test. See Section 2.6.2 for a description of

appropriate and inappropriate footwear for this test. If the SP does not have appropriate footwear, select a

pair of running shoes from the stock supply in the exam room. Do not begin the physical activity

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