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(Darren Dugan) #1


All the young, old and wise travellers of many nations, herbalists,
Ayurvedic doctors, Tibetan llamas, Taoist healers and Indian
mystics that I have met along the path; All those who have helped
with New Earth and HEMP Food industries Association especially
Dylan Maxwell; Colin, June, Katie and the boys at Global Warning
Trading Company; Will and all at Motherhemp; Mayur and all at
Sunnyvale Bakery; Essential Trading Co-Operative; Tim & Colin at
Community Foods; Edna – the original hemp farmer; Gary
Newman and Hemp Plastics (UK) Ltd.; Iris of Greenhouse Henf
Kontorl Harriet; Mihaly of it’s hemp Austria; Dr Sumach;
Buddhafield sangha; Ed the star Mitchell; Jack and Kath – my
constant inspiration; John Adams; Nicky; Paul the miso man;
India; Kookaburras, the authors of the papers written in numerous
nutritional & medicinal research journals (especially the
International HEMP Association journal); Web masters, Hemp
growers, manufacturers, processors, retailers and users of hemp
products; Udo Erasmus for his book ‘Fats That Heal, Fats That
Kill’, Chris Conrad, Don Wirtshafter and the late Jack Herer for
their pioneering work within the hemp industry; all those within the
resource list for playing their part, my loving family, extended to
human race;

With love
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