Engineering Mechanics

(Joyce) #1
In this modern age, the word ‘science’ has got
different meanings for different people. An ordinary
man takes it as ‘something’ beyond his understanding,
whereas others may take it as ‘mysteries of research’
which are understood only by a few persons
working amidst complicated apparatus in a laboratory.
A non-scientist feels that it is a ‘subject’ whose
endeavour is aimed to improve the man’s life on the
earth. A business executive has the idea that it is
‘something’ which solves our day to day manufacturing
and quality control problems, so that the nation’s
economic prosperity keeps on improving.
In fact, ‘science’ may be defined as the growth
of ideas through observation and experimentation. In



  1. Science.

  2. Applied Science.

  3. Engineering Mehanics.

  4. Beginning and Development
    of Engineering Mechanics.

  5. Divisions of Engineering

  6. Statics.

  7. Dynamics.

  8. Kinetics.

  9. Kinematics.

  10. Fundamental Units.

  11. Derived Units.

  12. Systems of Units.

  13. S.I. Units (International
    System of Units.).

  14. Metre.

  15. Kilogram.

  16. Second.

  17. Presentation of Units and
    Their Values.

  18. Rules for S.I. Units.

  19. Useful Data.

  20. Algebra.

  21. Trigonometry.

  22. Differential Calculus.

  23. Integral Calculus.

  24. Scalar Quantities.

  25. Vector Quantities.

1 Introduction

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