Engineering Mechanics

(Joyce) #1

I feel thoroughly satisfied in presenting the twentieth

Edition of this popular book in Multicolour. The present

edition of this book has been thoroughly revised and a lot

of useful material has been added to improve its quality

and use. It also contains lot of pictures and coloured

diagrams for better and quick understanding as well as

grasping the subject matter.

I am highly obliged to my son Mr. N.P.S. Khurmi

B.Tech (Hons) for his dedicated and untiring efforts to

revise and bring out the book in its present form.

Although every care has been taken to check mistakes

and misprints, yet it is difficult to claim perfection. Any

error, omission and suggestion for the improvement of

this volume, brought to my notice, will be thankfully

acknowledged and incorporated in the next edition.

B-510, New Friends Colony, R.S. Khurmi

New Delhi-



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