Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1

In one of the iPhone’s biggest updates to
date, iOS 13 revolutionizes the smartphone
once again. It’s jam-packed with a bunch
of improvements including a systemwide
Dark Mode, the Find My app, performance
enhancements all-new Photos and Reminders
apps, and major privacy features. This week,
we go hands-on with the beta ahead of its
public release...


It wouldn’t be an iOS release without a few
performance improvements and iOS 13 is no
exception. Indeed, the operating system is
faster and smoother than ever before on both
new and older devices, with the iPhone 6S and
above compatible with the release. Official
benchmarks suggest that Face ID unlocks
devices up to 30 percent faster than on iOS 12,
and many apps now launch up to twice as
fast as they’ve been optimized and made
smaller. Thanks to an under-the-hood change
from Apple, developers are able to submit
smaller file sizes to the App Store, and updates
have been streamlined, too, with the average
app update now 60% smaller than on iOS 12,
optimizing data and space.

Because of the changes, Apple has removed
limitations on downloading apps over
cellular, and apps can now be downloaded
over an LTE connection should you be on
the go. At a time when 5G is just around the
corner, being able to rely solely on your data
rather than WiFi makes the iPhone even more
powerful, offering endless possibilities from
your pocket.

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