Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1

Released: 2019

114 Ratings


In a hidden universe, “perfect” dolls are each
given to a single child, while “ugly” dolls are
consigned to a remote town called Uglyville.
One of these dolls, Moxy (Kelly Clarkson),
goes on a mission with her friends in search
of the mythologized Big World – and along
the way, they stumble across an array of
“perfect” dolls.


  1. The film is based on the ‘Uglydoll’ line of
    plush toys launched in 2001.

  2. It was not until May 2011 that Illumination
    Entertainment, the animation studio behind
    the Despicable Me films, revealed that it had
    acquired the rights to make an Uglydolls
    animated feature film.

  3. Stars in the voice-acting cast include
    the singers Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monáe,
    Nick Jonas, Blake Shelton and Bebe Rexha,
    who have all produced original music for
    the movie.

  4. Although the theatrical release of
    UglyDolls was initially scheduled for May 10,
    2019, this was later brought forward to May
    3 to prevent competition with Pokémon:
    Detective Pikachu.

  5. The film grossed only $27.5 million from a
    production budget of $45 million, making it
    a box office bomb.

Rotten Tomatoes

27 %

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