Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1

technology brands like Twitter, Google, and
Facebook, which allow users to log into accounts
quickly from other devices, without having
to make an account or remember another
password. What sets Sign In with Apple apart,
however, is that it does not track or profile you
when you use the sign-in feature, a huge benefit
for privacy-conscious consumers.

Users are able to use the new feature using
their Apple ID, and can be authenticated
via Face ID or Touch ID, meaning that your
personal information is further protected with
two-factor authentication. What’s more, if you
don’t want to share your email address with a
company, Apple will create a unique single-
use email that forwards to your real iCloud
email, something that will no doubt reduce
spam and improve privacy inside apps.

What’s most important about this new feature
is that Apple is requiring all App Store apps
that offer Google, Facebook, and Twitter sign-
in options to include a Sign In with Apple
alternative as standard, which will force
developers to offer a safer log-in method
in iOS 13.

Sign In with Apple is not the only new privacy-
focused feature coming to the release, either.
Users will have more control over location data,
too, with an option that allows apps to use
location data just once, meaning they’ll have
to ask again every time they want to use it. And
to top it off, Apple will send users notifications
when apps are using location data in the
background, meaning you can turn off location
tracking for that app if desired. Organisations
such as Facebook and Google, both of which

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