Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1
Though Apple cannot promise that your phone
is now invincible, its new Find My app goes
a long way. The software combines the prior
Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps that
allows you to locate your devices and your
friends, whenever you want. With iOS 13 and
macOS Catalina, your phone will use crowd-
sourced location information delivered through
Bluetooth signals to give off a Bluetooth signal
that can be picked up by nearby iPhones, iPads,
and Macs, sending data back to Apple so you
can find a lost or stolen device.
Again, Apple has put security at the heart of
this new feature. Find My uses end-to-end
encryption as standard, meaning you’ll need
at least two Apple devices for it to work. When
you lose your phone, a signal broadcast as a
public key will be encrypted and sent back to
your other device so you can locate it. It’s not
bullet-proof, and doesn’t guarantee you’ll get
your phone back (for instance, if your phone is
switched off, your battery runs out, or a thief
restores or sells your phone) but it’s a step in the
right direction and a welcomed addition.

iOS 13’s New “Find My” App:
Everything You Need to Know!

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