Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1

saturation, brightness, and more, and you
can crop and rotate videos for the first time,
too. As is the case with photos, video edits are
nondestructive, so you can revert back to the
original file whenever you like, without having
to worry about losing your raw video footage.

And whilst on the subject of photography
and video, the Camera app has some handy
new features, too. It’s now possible to adjust
the position and intensity of studio lighting,
and a new High-Key Mono Portrait Lighting
effect allows for a monochromatic subject
on a white background, great for taking artsy,
professional shots on iPhone XS.


Apple has struggled with Maps since it
introduced its own mapping software in 2012
in lieu of Google Maps, but things are finally on
the up, with a rebuilt app from the ground up
that was first announced alongside iOS 12. The
new Maps app is expected to be available across
the United States by the end of this year and in
select other countries from next year, features
a bunch of improvements for roads, beaches,
parks, buildings, and more, and a new Junction
View on iOS 13 helps drivers avoid wrong turns
by offering more conversational directions.

For example, Siri will now say “turn left at the
next traffic light” rather than “turn left in 2,000
feet”, whilst transit schedules are new in iOS 13,
too, with arrival times and connections to help
users better plan their routes. Apple has also
promised real-time information such as outages
and cancellations from trains and buses within
the app, too, making it super useful. Flight status

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