Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 409 (2019-08-30)

(Antfer) #1


If Huawei doesn’t tempt you or, in the case of
the U.S. market, isn’t even practically palatable,
should you rule out switching to a Chinese
device? Not quite. According to research by
Counterpoint, while Huawei’s share of the
smartphone market globally was 15.8% during
2019’s second quarter, Xiaomi also performed
impressively, reaching a 9% share. That put it
in fourth position, nipping at the heels of none
other than Apple, which clocked up a share of
10.1% during the same period.

Strategy Analytics has made similar
findings; according to the firm, major Chinese
smartphone brands have collectively scooped
up 42% of the market, their peak share.
That’s no small achievement, considering the
lingering trade tensions, and can perhaps be
attributed largely to Xiamo’s down-market
image. That image could be set to change with
the recent unveiling of the MIX 3, which
houses Qualcomm processors behind a bezel-
free, 6.4-inch display and ceramic casing.

Whether that device will help Xiaomi to finally
carve out a respectable chunk of the premium
market remains to be seen – but in any case,
if you want a great-value phone rather than
simply a great one, a Xiaomi handset may prove
to be an excellent choice. Just check out this
rundown of the brand’s best four phones
on offer in 2019 – and you could be delighted
by just how much the Xiaomi Redmi 7 offers
for its price tag of $130. However, what new
devices are still on the way from China?

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