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What’s in Your Sample?

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Colormetric Sandwich ELISAs
R&D Systems® Quantikine® ELISAs are the Gold Standard for ELISAs with industry leading performance
and the largest number of publications of any brand of ELISA. With over 600 ELISAs across 12 species
to choose from, as well as High Sensitivity and IVD assays, there is almost certainly a Quantikine®
ELISA to meet your needs.

  • Highly Specific
    Using the highest quality R&D Systems® antibodies, our Quantikine® ELISAs are highly specific and guarantee
    that you will be measuring your target of interest. And since our antibodies and proteins are made in-house,
    we control all the raw materials to assure consistent performance well into the future.

  • Rigorously Validated
    R&D Systems® Quantikine® ELISA kits are fully validated for a wide variety of sample types including serum,
    plasma, urine, saliva, milk, and cerebrospinal fluid among others. Recombinant tri-level controls are available
    for additional reassurance.

  • High Sensitivity and IVD kits
    The line includes Quantikine® HS ELISAs with high sensitivity for difficult to detect analytes, Parameter™
    competitive ELISAs for small molecules and IVD registered kits for clinical use. Whatever the need, there is
    a high performance Quantikine® ELISA kit for you!




The Gold Standard in ELISAs
with industry–leading
performance and



Suggested Application

Single analyte confirmation


Analyte Detection


Requires Specialized Equipment

Sample Volume

As little as 25 μL



Up to 1 analyte

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