Bio Spectrum — May 2017

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Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited
(IFFCO) has bought 26 per cent stake in the
start-up firm Gramin Health Care (GHC). IFFCO
intends to put up special health check-up camps
at 125 locations across the country to mark the
completion of 50 years. The investment is a
move towards providing better health conditions
to farmers. The new and affordable healthcare
service will educate and spread health awareness
among farmers. GHC and IFFCO have teamed
up to start an initiative with the purpose of
enhancing the quality of life of people living in
rural India by providing them affordable and
high quality medical services, life products and
experiences closer to their homes. GHC is based
in Gurgaon and aims at providing timely medical
advice and advanced diagnostics through
manned and digitised healthcare clinics. After
the initial success of GHC’s first operational
healthcare kiosk in 2016, the project caught the
eye of IFFCO Group who saw an opportunity to
partner to provide affordable quality healthcare
at their planned IFFCO Bazar outlets.

IFFCO picks

26 per cent stake in

Gramin Health Care
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. have entered into an
exclusive agreement with a global medical technology
company, Integra
LifeSciences Holdings
Corporation. Integra is a
leader in neurosurgery,
offering a broad portfolio
of implants, devices,
instruments and systems
used in neurosurgery,
neuromonitoring, neurotrauma, and related critical
care. Integra’s products, DuraGen Plus® Dural
Regeneration Matrix and Suturable DuraGenTM Dural
Regeneration Matrix, will be marketed and distributed
by Dr. Reddy’s for use by patients in India.
The DuraGen product line offers Duraplasty
Solutions meant for repairing the thick membrane
surrounding the brain and spinal cord, called dura
mater. It contains the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The
DuraGen products by Integra have been implanted in
more than 1.8 million patients worldwide. Integra plans
to continue expanding patient access globally with the
help of this collaboration. Dr. Reddy’s laboratories
intend on building their presence in the segment of
regenerative technologies and on making a difference
to the lives of patients undergoing neurosurgery.

Global healthcare company Sanofi
and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
announced that the US Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) has
approved Dupixent (dupilumab)
injection to patients suffering
from chronic and debilitating form
of eczema. The FDA approved
Dupixent (dupilumab) is the first
targeted biologic therapy for adults
with moderate-to-severe atopic
dermatitis. It will be available to
US patients suffering from the
chronic and debilitating form of
eczema, a joint statement issued
“People with moderate-to-
severe atopic dermatitis cope with
intense, sometimes unbearable
symptoms that can impact them
for most of their lives,” said Julie
Block, National Eczema Association

President and Chief Executive
Officer, adding, “to date, there
have been few options available
to treat people with moderate-to-
severe atopic dermatitis who have
uncontrolled disease. Now we have
a treatment that is expected to help
address patients suffering from this
devastating disease.”
Atopic dermatitis (AD), the
most common form of eczema, is
a chronic inflammatory disease
with symptoms often appearing
as a rash on the skin. Moderate-

to-severe AD is characterised by
rashes often covering much of the
body, and can include intense,
persistent itching and skin dryness,
cracking, redness, crusting, and
Itch is one of the most
burdensome symptoms for
patients and can be debilitating.
Of the adults with uncontrolled
moderate-to-severe AD in the US, it
is estimated that 300,000 are most
in need of new treatment options.
“The approval of Dupixent offers
new hope for adults with moderate-
to-severe AD in the United States,
and we look forward to working
with regulatory authorities around
the world to bring this important
new medicine to patients globally,”
said Olivier Brandicourt, Chief
Executive, Sanofi.

Sanofi, Regeneron’s eczema drug gets FDA approval

Dr. Reddy’s Lab in agreement

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