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MED-EL India, the Indian
subsidiary of the global leading
provider of hearing implant systems
MED-EL, known for developing
innovative products to help patients
overcome hearing loss worldwide,
announced the ‘Roadmap and
Opportunities for the growth
of hearing aid technology and
impairment treatments in India
in the next decade’ at an industry
conclave held in NCR.
The conclave was attended by
MED-EL global CEO Dr Ingeborg
Hochmair and other
healthcare professionals,
surgeons and industry experts
to address the needs of the
hearing impaired in India.
Tejinder Singh, Director
at MED-EL India said, “In
India, it is estimated that up to
8.8 per cent of the population
suffers from hearing loss with
approximately 3.8 million children
waiting for cochlear implants.
If children are implanted early
with a cochlear implant, they can
go on to lead a normal life and
develop through the education
system. Our company vision is to
overcome hearing loss as a barrier
to communication and quality of
life. It is our endeavour at MED-

EL to provide a service that is
reliable, trustworthy, and offers
the very latest in technology to the
many millions of Indians who can
benefit from a cochlear implant.”
Prof (Dr) JM Hans, Padmashree
awardee and renowned surgeon
said, “There are more solutions
available than ever before to
restore the gift of hearing to the
Indian people who suffer from
various types of hearing loss. Early
implantation of children with
hearing loss allows them to develop

listening and speaking skills and
increase their opportunities for the
The number of cochlear
implantations in India is growing
rapidly, with investments
from the Government and the
increased demand from the Indian
population. MED-EL has been
a principal supplier for cochlear
implants and is supporting
government sponsored cochlear
implant programs in several states,

including Tamil Nadu, Kerala,
Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Assam,
Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
Through the Indian subsidiary,
company continues to expand and
support 100+ clinics in 45+ major
cities in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and
Bangladesh. MED-EL is helping to
drive this industry with long-term
implant solutions and support that
can bring major economic benefits
to the country. MED-EL India is
positioned not only as a supplier
but as a long-term service provider
for the entirety of the implant
Tejinder Singh, Director,
MED-EL India said, “At
MED-EL India, we have
a young, enthusiastic and
professionally competent
team. By working closely together
with our healthcare partners and
Government. We can really make
life changing differences for the
millions of Indians affected with
hearing loss and to the Indian
economy in the next 10 years.”
MED-EL has been represented
in India since the past 25 years
(1992) but has a direct presence
through a 100 per cent owned
subsidiary operation established in
India since 2006 (11 years).

VIVO Healthcare has announced a three-year exclusive
partnership with Siemens Healthineers, India to
introduce Medical Lab Technician (MLT) course
with practical outcome-based curricula. Initially,
the programme with state-of-the-
art MLT lab will be made available at
VIVO Healthcare, Gurgaon centre and
eventually introduced in other VIVO
centres across India.
Shakti Singh, Managing Director,
VIVO Healthcare said, “VIVO’s model
of healthcare skill training programmes is unique
for addressing India’s employability and skill-based
challenges. We are proud that Siemens Healthineers
partnered with us to offer the MLT course, which

is in high demand. We are starting this new offering
at our Gurgaon centre by incorporating world-class
curriculum, leading technology and with well trained
and certified faculty.”
Amit Sinha, Head of Laboratory
Diagnostics Business Area, South Asia,
Siemens Healthineers said, “We are very
pleased to partner with VIVO to bring
technical education to the youth of India,
further enhancing their employability
skills and also supporting the Skill India
initiative by our government.”
The 1,200 hours MLT course will be available for
Class XII (science) or phlebotomy students with an
experience in laboratory setup.

MED-EL plans expansion in India

VIVO, Siemens offer lab technician course

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