Bio Spectrum — May 2017

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Merck, a leading science and technology company, recently
announced the global launch of the Milli-Q IQ 7000 system
which is the seventh-generation Milli-Q water purification
The launch marks 50 years of providing ultrapure water
to scientists in laboratories the world over.
Udit Batra, Member of the Merck Executive Board and
CEO, Life Science said, “While there have been tremendous
advancements in the lab, today’s scientists continue to seek
ways to improve reproducibility and reliability of data.”
“Our customers are looking for compact, ergonomic
systems and software so that they can advance science,
further faster. Our new lab water system addresses
these pain points, allowing scientists to focus
on problem solving, without worrying about the
purity of their water. This new system reflects
our legacy of pioneering innovations in lab
water purification.” he
Merck’s new water
purification system has
combined customer
feedback with its
engineering and technical
expertise to develop the
Milli-Q IQ 7000 system-
an even smaller, easier-
to-use, device, designed
with an ech20 mercury-
free UV lamps for the
photoxidation of organic
contaminants, purification cartridges that are 33 per cent
smaller than previous versions, high-definition digital
touchscreen similar to a mobile phone display for simple
operation, easy connection to lab networks through an
integrated data management system that allows quick, easy
access to information. It also includes custom reporting
and global system data archive for traceability and
paperless environment for generating reports, hibernation
mode to maintain system water quality with reduced
energy consumption and ergonomic, precise dispensing
wheel with a wider range of ultrapure water dispensing
options from drop-by-drop up to two litres per minute.
Merck’s leading brand, Milli-Q water, has become
synonymous with ultrapure lab water, and is the most cited
brand in peer-reviewed publications. Milli-Q systems have
purification media that are tested and designed exclusively
for Merck, allowing the company to provide the best water
quality to labs across the world.

Agilent Technologies announced that it will
host the ‘Total Agilent Experience’ (TAE)
symposium for the first time in Mumbai,
on June 6-7, 2017. More than 500 scientists
and researchers from commercial, scientific
and research communities are expected to
attend the symposium that has been held in
a different region throughout Southeast Asia
since 2011.
“Treating customers as partners and
nurturing relationships is an attitude
ingrained at Agilent,” said Agilent’s Bharat
Bhardwaj, Country Manager, Agilent
Technologies India. “We are hosting
this unique symposium in Mumbai as a
demonstration of our commitment.”
“To ensure that our customers have
access to the newest technologies, Agilent will
showcase its latest chromatography, mass
spectrometry and spectroscopy technology
platforms,” Bhardwaj said, adding, “We will
also feature workshops where participants
can discuss the current challenges in food,
pharma and applied chemical industries with
industry leaders and experts from Agilent.”
At the event, Agilent will showcase new
platforms that will include: the Intuvo 9000
GC, the 4210 MP-AES, the 5110 ICP-OES
and its liquid chromatography and mass-
spectroscopy solutions. These analytical
instruments can be used by scientists,
chemists and laboratory professionals
working in key industries such as
pharmaceuticals, food, research, agriculture,
chemicals, petrochemical and mining.
Using the sophisticated, user-friendly
technologies offered by these platforms,
scientists are now able to work on a wider
range of challenging applications with
improved performance and ease of use,
whilst also increasing laboratory productivity
and economic value.

Merck advances lab water

purification technology

Agilent to showcase

analytical solutions at

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