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Konsult App Pvt Ltd is a Delhi-based healthcare tele-
consultation platform. It was founded in 2015 and it
started off as a channel to help connect doctors and
patients for post-consultation services. The start-up
has recently raised $500,000 (Rs 3.25 crore) in two
rounds of seed funding from a group of investors from
the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia. Konsult has
evolved as a medical consultation and second opinion
platform. It is currently operational in Delhi-NCR
region and has 1,200 doctors on board. The app is
freely available on Android and iOS platforms. No prior
appointment is required and the patient is charged
upon the duration of the call. Money is generated on
the basis of every transaction made. A commission
is charged where seventy per cent is reserved for the
doctor, while thirty per cent is Konsult’s share. Medinfi
Healthcare Pvt Ltd at Bengaluru operates in a similar
way. Recently, it raised $50,000 (Rs 32 lakh) in its
seventh round of angel funding from a Singapore-based
IT Services Company; Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
and Ram Kumar Kakani, a professor at XLRI. Other
heavily funded healthcare start-ups include Practo
Technologies and Lybrate.

Healthcare focused private equity firm Quadria Capital
Advisors Pvt. Ltd. has invested $40 million in Noida-
based home healthcare services provider Health Care
at Home India Pvt Ltd (HCAH India). HCAH India is
backed by the Burman family, promoters of FMCG major
Dabur India Ltd, and by the
clinical credibility of the founders
of the Health Care at Home UK.
It provides homecare services
in oncology, pulmonology,
post-operative care, critical
care and palliative care. It also
offers services like maternity
and elderly care, as well as post-
surgical care and intensive care unit services.
The team at HCAH India intends to ramp up
models like chemo at home, high-end drug infusion
and introduce products such as dialysis at home, and
digital therapies for chronic diseases. The funds would
be used for expansion to new cities, including Bengaluru,
Hyderabad and Kolkata. HCAH India had raised about
$15 million in external funding two years ago. It had also
acquired Navi Mumbai-based Health Impetus Pvt Ltd for
an undisclosed amount last year.

SmarterHealth TechServe Pvt Ltd has come
out with a new phone-based application called
BetterConnect+ for helping healthcare professionals
and doctors to set goals for their patients, keep track
of the prescribed treatment and provides alerts to
manage care in a better way. Sanjeev Jha started the
company in October 2015, which was then called
Smarter Clinics. Almost a year later, Smarter Clinics
became SmarterHealth TechServe, with a focus on
chronic care management. Currently, it provides
services for diabetes and blood pressure, but the
platform can be customised for any disorder.
Patients can use the app to keep track of the goals
their doctors set for them. The app also provides an
add-on service where trained medical professionals
handle patients’ queries. Besides diabetes and blood
pressure, BetterConnect+ provides patients of
chronic diseases a fresh list of tasks every day. These
activities are selected using artificial intelligence,
taking into consideration the patient’s lifestyle. The
system can also change the activities when the health
of a patient improves. BetterConnect+ is also self-
integrated with hardware companies in the healthcare
space, such as US-based iHealth, to seamlessly track
vitals. When the iHealth device shows the value of
blood sugar, the data is fed into the app and made
available to the doctor and care manager. The system
raises an alarm if the value is not within the normal
range. The app also undertakes profile-matching,
which identifies whether a patient with a particular
disease is at risk of developing other complications.
BetterConnect+ was previously part of Microsoft
Accelerator and AIM Smart City Accelerator, which
is supported by Ashoka University and Dalmia
Bharat Group.

App launched for

ensuring better healthcare

Konsult raise seed funding

HealthCare at Home India

gets $40 mn investment

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