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March 2019 Volume 46 Number 6

the realm of imagination

by Lori McElrath-Eslick
“Lena at Lost Lake”
oil paints

Lori grew up in the country near a pond the size of
a lake, where she saw all the animals in her painting on
the cover, and lots more. In summers, one of her chores
was to spend a whole day in the pond picking up pond
weeds and seaweeds, which gave her the opportunity to
see even more creepy crawlers.
Lori lives in Michigan with her husband and son.
Their grown daughter lives by the Pacific Ocean close
to the beach, where Lori loves to paint while listening
to the waves.
Always, Lori wishes for everyone to express their
creative gifts—in music, art, dance, or whatever—as
this makes our world a better place.

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