(Lars) #1

Dear Cricket,
I have been getting your magazine for a little
over a year. My mom asked me if I wanted to stop
getting it, and of course I said no. How could I not?
It’s one of the best magazines ever! I love literature,
so when I f irst heard about Cricket, I freaked. High-
f ive to all reading and writing “nerds” out there!
Lacie D. (January 2019), I love Harry Potter and
Echo, too! I would recommend The Eighth Day
series and the Percy Jackson series, if you haven’t
read them. Lizzy (April 2019), I’m a huge Harry
Potter nerd. I wish it were real! I’m a Ravenclaw,
according to a test, but personally think I’m
nowhere near smart enough.
Experiment: I put this letter in the mailbox on
April 21, 2019. Let’s see how long it takes to get
published, if it does!
Kelly, age 12
York tow n , V irginia
P.S. Who else is Hamilton crazy, or just loves music
in general?

Dear Cricket,
Since you always hear, “I love your magazine,”
I am going to say something different. Me encanta
tu revista! That’s Spanish for I love your magazine!
I used to get it, but now I read it from the library.
Old Cricket, I enjoy reading your articles in the
back of the issues. To Lizzy in the April 2019 edi-
tion: Sorry, I am a true Slytherin.
I live in northwestern Pennsylvania on a farm.
We raise grass-fed beef cows and sheep. I am in
charge of the sheep. We just had triplet lambs! I
love reading and I play the cello. (Zoot, you’re my
man!) I am trying to learn Spanish and I think I am
getting it. I am also trying to write stories, but I
cannot seem to f inish them. :( I go to a Catholic
school and I think it is the best. WedidAladdin
for our musical. I played Beggar No.1.
I have four younger brothers
and sisters. I am also glad to live
on a dirt road. We can go almost
anywhere, although it is annoying
when your dog brings back weird
dead deer heads.
Rue, age 13
Lodestone Farms,

Dear Everybuggy,
I started getting Cricket just a little
while ago, so I don’t know all the bugs
yet. One of the reasons I like Cricket
is because of the crossbird puzzles.
I love crossword puzzles! I also like
puppies and cats and some things
most people don’t like: mice and bats.
Right now I live in Kings Canyon
National Park. It’s really great living here,
and getting Cricket magazines makes it even bet-
ter. I also get Muse, Ask, and more, but Mom takes
them away to use for school lessons.
Here is a book series you should read: The
Land of Stories.
Ruby Parrack, age 9
Three Rivers, California
I am joining Chatterbox because it seems like a
really friendly place. I live near the mountains and
love them. I love being outside, playing with my
friends, reading, outer space, and so much more.
I also enjoy math, unlike most of my friends and
classmates. I play violin and I swim. I am an only
child and I have a dog, a cat, and some f ish.
I am hoping to (virtually) meet some friends
here. I’m sure you are all really cool people!
This Month, Chatterbox
Dear Everybuggy,
I have two plants and I named them Pudgy and
Pippy Longstocking. If anyone else named your
plants, don’t feel embarrassed about it; you’re not
alone. Lizzy (April 2019), you said you are from Gryf-
f indor. I am, too! My favorite books are Harry Potter,
Goosebumps, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Pax,
TheHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Cucum-
berQuest, and Japanese at a Glance. Who
else loves Sunny Baudelaire?
Juniper Belle, age 11
Tallahassee, Florida
Hi, Everybuggy!
I am very girly. I am half Jewish and
half Christian. My favorite Jewish holi-
day is Rosh Hashanah, and my favorite

Christian holiday is Saint Valentine’s Day.
I live in Chicago and I love it. Have any
of you guys lived in a city?
Eulalia G., age 8
Chicago, Illinois
Hi, Eulalia,
Ladybug and Old Cricket have
visited New York City. They said the huge
skyscrapers and cathedrals were awesome
and they loved the Statue of Liberty, the Rockettes
show, and Central Park, but none of us have ever
lived in a city for any length of time. We really love
it here in Cricket Country!
I spend a lot of time outdoors rock
climbing and mountain biking. I live
on a mountain, so there are a ton
of places to do stuff like that. I also
hang out with my friends Claire
and Gigi, watching movies and
eating ice cream. And swimming
in the pool. A lot.
I stay up really late reading, so
I sleep in, which I can do because I’m
homeschooled. I went to a public school
K–6 and I’m going back in eighth grade, but I’m do-
ing one year at home to take a “break.” I miss seeing
all my friends every day, but other than that, I like it.
I’m also really into musical theater.
Moonlightelf, age 13
What do you do in real life?
Down to Earth, Chatterbox
To Cricket Readers,
I really enjoy reading the Letterbox in this
magazine. It is my favorite part. I really enjoy
reading about these lives so different from mine.
I encourage more readers to write here. I live in
Jacksonville, Florida: the biggest city in America by
size, not population.
For Christmas I received a kitten named Oliver
from Santa. He was a Siamese kitten born in Octo-
ber 2018, two months old when we f irst got him.
Lauren L.
Jacksonville, Florida




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