Gender and Space in Rural Britain, 1840-1920

(Jacob Rumans) #1

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Roger Ebbatson is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of English
and Creative Writing at the University of Lancaster. His monographs include
Landscape and Literature 1830–1914: Nature, Text, Aura (2013), Hardy: Mar-
gin of the Unexpressed (1993), An Imaginary England: Landscape & Literature,
1840–1920 (2005) and Heidegger’s Bicycle (2006). Professor Ebbatson served
on the British Association for Victorian Studies steering committee for some
years, and is currently co-organizer of the Tennyson Bicentenary Conference
(2009) and the Th omas Hardy International Conference (2010).

Christen Elaine Ericsson-Penfold recently earned her PhD from the University
of Southampton. Her project is entitled ‘Th ree Victorian Women Artists and their
Relationship with Flowers: An Exploration of Gender, Expression and Culture’
and explores the cultural and personal symbolism behind the subject of fl owers
in women’s art. Prior to her doctoral work, Ericsson studied at the Textile Con-
servation Centre where, in 2007, she earned her Masters degree in Museums and
Galleries with a focus on the history of textiles and dress.

Gemma Goodman is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of English and
Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick. She completed
her PhD entitled ‘Cornwall: An Alternative Construction of Place’ in 2010
and is currently working on a monograph based on this material. Her research
interests focus on Cornish literature of the nineteenth and early twentieth
century in relation to the economic and cultural shift from mining to tour-
ism. She has published on Cornish writers including Salome Hocking and Jack

Karina Jakubowicz is currently a PhD student at University College London
researching the role of geography in modernist magazines, prior to which she
studied English at Trinity College Dublin and completed a Masters in American
Literature at Clare College Cambridge.

Eliza S. K. Leong is a lecturer at the Institute of Tourism Studies in Macao,
China. She received her doctorate from the Catholic University of Portugal for

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