Gender and Space in Rural Britain, 1840-1920

(Jacob Rumans) #1


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Introduction: Gender and Space in Rural Britain, 1840–

  • Gemma Goodman and Charlotte Mathieson 1
    1 Women in the Field – Roger Ebbatson 15
    2 ‘Between Two Civilizations’: George Sturt’s Constructions of Loss and
    Change in Village Life – Barry Sloan 25
    3 At Work and at Play: Charles Lee’s Cynthia in the West

  • Gemma Goodman 41
    4 ‘Going Out, Going Alone’: Modern Subjectivities in Rural Scotland,
    1900–21 – Samantha Walton 55
    5 ‘Drowned Lands’: Charles Kingsley’s Hereward the Wake and the
    Masculation of the English Fens – Lynsey McCulloch 73
    6 ‘Wandering Like a Wild Th ing’: Rurality, Women and Walking in
    George Eliot’s Adam Bede and Th e Mill on the Floss

  • Charlotte Mathieson 87
    7 ‘I Never Liked Long Walks’: Gender, Nature and Jane Eyre’s Rural
    Wandering – Katherine F. Montgomery 103
    8 Gertrude Jekyll: Cultivating the Gendered Space of the Victorian
    Garden for Professional Success – Christen Ericsson-Penfold 117
    9 From England to Eden: Gardens, Gender and Knowledge in Virginia
    Wo o l f ’s Th e Voyage Out – Karina Jakubowicz 131
    10 Th e Transnational Rural in Alicia Little’s My Diary in a Chinese Farm

  • Eliza S. K. Leong 145

Notes 161
Index 187

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