(Marty) #1


Here’s to

the Turbo

Each block of Live Pure
Superfood Smoothie Cubes
($49 and up, livepure.love)
is about the size of an
ice cube and made from
a specially crafted mix of
good-for-you ingredients,
like antioxidant-packed
berries, immune-boosting
roots, gut-healthy probiot-
ics, and more. Drop 10 cubes
into eight ounces of liquid,
and blend for 20 seconds.
Poof! There’s your smoothie.



Toned studio in West
Hollywood is taking
the treadmill boutique
up a notch. Its work-
outs are built around
segments on the non-
motorized Woodway
Curve Trainer ($4,995,
shape), which means
the belt is powered by
you, not a speed set-
ting. “That translates
to your body burning
up to 30 percent more
calories than it would
on a conventional
treadmill,” says Toned
founder Dede Lagree.
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Top: Greg DuPree. Food styling by Chelsea Zimmer; prop styling by Christine Keely

Sip Straight up,

Tip to Chug
As slick as these Avana water bottles are ($35 and up,
amazon.com/shop/shape), you wouldn’t know their magic
just by looks: They hold a concealed straw that enables
you to drink your H20 without even a tilt. Superthirsty?
Bottoms up, and the wide mouthpiece lets you gulp away.

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