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The failed screen was express posted to
Finscan in Sydney on the day it failed. It took
just on two weeks for a replacement screen to
be express posted to a small town in Northern
Tasmania, two days before our ferry booking
back to Melbourne. This only finally happened
after vigorous complaints by the dealer who
sold us the van in Brisbane. In some brief
conversations with Finscan I got the impression
they really had very little idea of how you could
survive in a van with a touch screen failure.

I am sorry if this is a bit lengthy but I understand
this manufacturer is not the only one introducing
this touch screen technology, primarily I
suspect to reduce costs, weight and time in the
production of the van. In most other respects
this is a comfortable motorhome, and sitting on
the Iveco chassis it’s easy to drive with the eight
speed auto transmission.

Little real thought seems to have been given
to the consequences of a touch screen failure
fitted in RVs. Although such failures might be
rare it is wise to remember all things made by
man will fail at some point.

Thanks, Geoff.

Thanks for your email Geoff and the detailed
account of your situation. You’re correct, of
course, in that such a system as Finscan’s
has a benefit to the manufacturer, but it also
benefits the user – when it all goes well. Like
all technology it’s not perfect and can clearly
leave an owner in a dire situation, which is
no consolation at the time even if it is a rare
occurrence. The constant power drain is a
concern and it seems a good idea to have a
master switch, although that would likely affect
the Finscan’s settings when off. I’m not sure
there is an easy answer as the moment you
start setting up seperate switches for things
you’re effectively doing away with the intended
benefit of a single touch screen for all controls.
For alerting us to the potential issue of such a
system please accept this issue’s $50 prize.
Note: Geoff stated the brand of motorhome in
his letter but I’ve withheld it as his concern is
predominantly with the Finscan system.


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