(Barré) #1
The  rst two Pilatus PC-21s for the
Armée de l’Air (French Air Force) have
arrived at their new home of Base
Aérienne 709 Cognac-Châteuabernard.
The aircraft, 03/HB-HVC ‘709-FE’ (c/n
295) and 15/HB-HVO ‘709-FQ’ (c/n
307) were delivered from the factory at

Stans-Buochs, Switzerland, to Cognac on
August 30. The ‘709-xx’ codes were taped
over for the ferry  ight.
France signed a contract on December
30, 2016, with Babcock Mission Critical
Services France to provide 17 PC-21s for
pilot training, students then moving on to

the Alpha Jet and then Rafale. The aircraft
will replace the TB30 Epsilon with the
EPAA 315 at Cognac. Pilatus has already
manufactured most French PC-21s and
further deliveries are expected to follow
shortly, with all aircraft due to be in service
before the end of next year. Dave Allport



USAF Picks Huey Replacement
The USAF has chosen the Boeing-
Leonardo MH-139 to replace its aging
 eet of UH-1Ns. The $2.38bn contract,
announced on September 24, calls for a
new batch of a militarized version of the
commercial AW139 to be manufactured
by Leonardo subsidiary AgustaWestland

in Philadelphia. Lockheed Martin Sikorsky
and the Sierra Nevada Corporation had
both unsuccessfully offered versions of
the UH-60 Black Hawk for the competition.
The Boeing-Leonardo team has
received an initial $375m for the  rst four
helicopters and to integrate the military-

speci c items needed to bring the AW
up to the air force’s requirements.
Heather Wilson, who is the secretary
of the air force commented: “Strong
competition drove down costs for the
programme, resulting in $1.7bn in savings
to the taxpayer.”



First Two


French Air Force PC-21 03/HB-HVC is seen
on the  nal part of its delivery  ight from
Stans to Cognac, escorted by EC 2/30 Rafale
B 331 ‘30-IF’. Armée de l’Air/Jean-Luc Brunet

As part of the ongoing co-operation
between Azerbaijan and Turkey, the
Azerbaijan Air Force deployed two MiG-
Fulcrums and three Su-25s to Konya Air

Base, Turkey, to participate in joint  ight
and tactical training exercises. The main
goal of Exercise TurAz Falcon 2018 was to
improve interaction between the air arms

of the two countries. A ceremony was held
at Konya on September 3 to mark the start
of this annual exercise, which ran until
September 14. The participating MiG-29s
comprised one single-seater (‘09 Blue’) and
one two-seat MiG-29UB (‘10 Blue’), while
the Frogfoot contingent included two single-
seat aircraft and one two-seat Su-25UB
(‘20 Blue’). Support was provided by an
Il-76. Local participation involved Turkish Air
Force F-16C/Ds.

The two Azerbaijan Air Force MiG-29s are
pictured, led by the two-seater, arriving at
Azeri Jets Train in Turkey Konya on September 3. Azerbaijan MoD

Aviation News incorporating Jets November 2018

Sudanese Antonovs Destroyed in Landing Accident
Two Sudanese Air Force transport aircraft;
an Antonov An-26 and an An-32 were
written off in a landing accident at Khartoum
International Airport on October 3. The
accident was recorded by the airport’s CCTV

cameras and footage shows the two aircraft
moving along Runway 18 in bright sunshine.
The second aircraft, the An-32, bounced
at least twice on its landing run before
striking the slower-moving An-26 ahead

of it. The An-32’s left wing and propeller
struck the tail of the aircraft in front leading
to an undercarriage collapse and the An-
32’s fuselage breaking behind the cockpit
section. No casualties have been reported.
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