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Wedgetail to Replace RAF Sentries?
Speaking ahead of the October NATO
conference, UK Defence Secretary, Gavin
Williamson MP, announced that the
Ministry of Defence is in discussion with
Boeing and the Royal Australian Air Force
about the potential for the E-7 Wedgetail
Airborne Early Warning and Control
(AEW&C) aircraft to replace the current
E-3D Sentry  eet.
Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “The
Wedgetail is the stand-out performer in our
pursuit of a new battlespace surveillance
aircraft and has already proved itself in
Iraq and Syria. Running air operations from

the sky, it could be an excellent asset for
the RAF and give us a real edge in this
increasingly complex world.
“Our future with Australia will already
see us operate the same maritime patrol
aircraft, world-class Type 26 warships and
supersonic F-35 jets. Wedgetail may join
that formidable armoury and help us work
together to take on the global threats that
we both face.”
The Wedgetail uses a standard
Boeing 737 airliner modi ed to carry a
sophisticated Northrop Grumman active
electronically-scanned radar.

The Polish government is set to take delivery of a brand-new Boeing 737-800 BBJ, (c/n 64927)
serial number 7152. This photograph was taken at Boeing Field on September 11 and only the
port side bore any titles. Joe G Walker

Reaper Air-to-Air Shoot Down
A USAF MQ-9 Reaper achieved its  rst
air-to-air shoot down during a controlled
simulation in trials late last year, the service
disclosed on September 19. During the
test last November, a Reaper downed
a manoeuvring small UAV using an
undisclosed type of a heat-seeking missile.
The test was aimed at developing an air-to-

air capability for USAF Reapers. However, it
is unclear when the capability will be  elded.
On March 7, General Atomics
Aeronautical Systems received a contract for
the development of MQ-9 Reaper Air-to-Air
Missile (RAAM) Aviation Simulation (AVSIM)

  • the  rst step to providing the drone with
    this capability.


Fuerza Aérea Argentina (FAA, Argentine
Air Force) FOKKER F28-1000C
FELLOWSHIP serial TC-52 (c/n 1074)
made its  nal  ight on August 31. The
FAA originally received  ve F28-1000Cs
(TC-51 to TC-55) between January and
October 1975, losing one in an accident in
August 1989. The FAA’s II Escuadrón at El
Palomar continues to operate F28 TC-
(c/n 11020), which it aims to retain until
September next year when the aircraft's
service life expires.

The RAF is to retain one of its ‘short-body’
C-130J HERCULES C5s to compensate
for the loss of a C-130J-30 Hercules C
on operations in Iraq. The 2015 Strategic
Defence and Security Review (SDSR) had
originally called for the withdrawal of all
ten C5s while retaining only the 14 ‘long-
body’ Hercules C4s.

Two Tu-95MS bombers took part in
the Vostok 2018 exercise in Russia’s
Far East in September. The Russian
Ministry of Defence announced that
the BEAR-Hs  ew ‘air patrol’ missions
during the manoeuvres, taking them
over international waters of the Barents,
Chukchi and East Siberian seas and the
Arctic Ocean. The bomber crews practised
air-to-air refuelling and were escorted by
Su-35S  ghters. It is thought that in total,
some 300,000 servicemen and more than
1,000 aircraft, helicopters and unmanned
aerial vehicles were involved.


14 Aviation News incorporating Jets November 2018

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group
has completed a second heavily modi ed
ELINT/SIGINT Bombardier Global 6000 for
the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air
Defence (UAEF&AD) under Project Dolphin.
Following extensive ground testing,
the aircraft, 1325 (c/n 9494, ex M-ABFQ,
C-GNKW), took its  rst  ight after conversion
at Cambridge on August 8 and a  nal  ight
test on the 20th. It then  ew to Doncaster

Sheffield Airport, South Yorkshire, on the
29th before its delivery  ight to Abu Dhabi
two days later.
The  rst aircraft to be converted, 1326
(c/n 9517, ex M-ABFR, C-GPZH), continues
its  ight test programme and has been
seen operating from MOD Boscombe
Down, Wiltshire, as part of its trials – but
as of September 3 it was test  ying from
Cambridge again. Dave Allport

First UAE Forces’ Global

6000 Delivered

A second ELINT/SIGINT version of the Bombardier Global 6000 was delivered to the United
Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defence on August 31. Kevin Hudson

First Two

Poseidons Set

for Kinloss
The RAF's initial P-8A Poseidon maritime
patrol aircraft will be delivered to
Kinloss, Scotland rather than the type’s
main operating base at nearby RAF
Lossiemouth. The decision has been
taken to avoid disruption caused by major
engineering work – including runway
refurbishment – at Lossiemouth. As part of
the £400m construction effort, the resident
RAF Typhoons will also temporarily
relocate to Leuchars in Fife. The work at
Lossiemouth is required to accommodate
both the Poseidon and an additional
Typhoon unit – IX (Bomber) Squadron.
An RAF spokesman said: “During the
summer of 2019, routine Typhoon squadron
 ying will brie y operate out of Kinloss and
the Quick Reaction Alert North function
will temporarily relocate to Leuchars. The
 rst two P-8A Maritime Patrol Aircraft, that
are due to arrive in the UK from February
2020, will be temporarily based at Kinloss
Air eld, before moving to their permanent
home at RAF Lossiemouth once the main
runway has been refurbished.”

New 737 for Poland
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