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ith its ancient landmarks
and majestic mountains,
artistic hubs and world-
renowned cuisine, Peru has long enticed
travelers to fall in love with the destination.
It’s also a place that encourages you to
reimagine the concept of wealth, showing
travelers that “being rich” isn’t about
having the most, but about experiencing
the most unforgettable, only-in-Peru
moments and places.

Discover a Living Culture
Among Peru’s cultural marvels is Arequipa,
the country’s second-largest city and an
enchanting crossroads of the past and
present. Known as The White City for
the snowy color of the volcanic stones in
its monuments and buildings, Arequipa’s
colonial center has earned UNESCO
World Heritage Site status for its stunning,
well-preserved architecture. Highlights
include the luminous cathedral that caps
the vibrant main square, colorful historic
homes, Santa Catalina monastery, and the
charming, picturesque neighborhoods of
San Lazaro and Yanahuara.

Savor World-Class Flavors
One taste of the flavors of Peru and it’s
easy to see why the country has nabbed
“Best Culinary Destination” honors for
seven consecutive years from the World
Travel Awards. In the capital city of Lima
you’ll find two of The World’s 50 Best
Restaurants 2019, both of them in the top
10 (Central, #6, and Maido, #10). It is also
no wonder that, with a vast array of flavors

delighting locals and visitors alike, Peru
has given rise to a unique and diverse style
of fusion cuisine.
In Lima, for example, you can taste a
wide variety of ceviche, as well as menus
that meld Inca traditions and ingredients
with influences from Japan, Italy, China,
and Spain. Down south in the Paracas
region, the Ica Valley is home to a number
of vineyards, including many that produce
Peru’s signature pisco spirits. Meanwhile,
in Arequipa and Cuzco, homey picanterias
(traditional lunch spots) serve up spicy
signature flavors in one-plate dishes of
stews and soups from land and sea. Try
favorites like fresh prawn soup, rocoto
relleno (stuffed chilies), and adobo pork
loin with chicha de jora, the traditional sour
corn beer.

Explore Extraordinary Landscapes
Peru offers a wide range of experiences
that will enrich your life—and some of its
greatest wonders are its natural attractions.
Find deep biodiversity in the southeastern
Tambopata National Reserve buffer zone,
where the tropical jungle lives in harmony
with the environment. Revel in the unique
flora and fauna, mighty condors, and
pre-Inca cultivation terraces of the Colca
Canyon; head to Iquitos to hop on a first-
class Amazon river cruise; or venture up
between the Andean mountain range and
rainforest to find the cloud forests and
thundering waterfalls of the Amazonas
region. Wherever you choose, you’ll
find yourself immersed in life’s richest

Welcome to Peru, the richest country in the world.
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Discover how the diversity and authenticity
of Peru’s culture, nature, and gastronomy can
enrich your travels—and your life.


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