Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine — January 2018

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So all your friends have told how great
it is to own a boat and you’ve decided
to make the plunge and buy your own.
That’s great! Recognition is the first step
to realizing you have a problem. (I kid,
I kid.) But seriously, do you actually
know what you’re in for? Not just in a
general sense, but in very specific areas?
We asked around and got an idea of the
kinds of things you should be aware of as
you’re looking to make a boat purchase.
Hopefully this list will keep you from
plopping down your money on a lemon
or, say, a transatlantic paddle-powered

These are the basic questions you need
to ask yourself to drill down to a good
starting point. In some cases, though, the
answers to these questions may even tell
you that you’re not ready for a boat yet,
so try to be as honest with yourself as

What kind of boat should I get?
This is an easy one, of course, but
the answer can be pretty broad. If you’re
reading this magazine, you’re obviously
interested in a pontoon or deck boat,
but really this question is getting at
what category you’re going to be looking
at: entry-level, high-end, performance,
fishing, etc.

What am I interested in?
Ah, here we go. What do you expect
you’re going to be using the boat for the
most? Are you an angler? Do you have a
family that would enjoy days out on the
lake? Do you have money to burn and
want the fastest boat out there? Do you
just want to get
on the water and
chill? What kind
of boat fits your

Are you a thrill-seeker or do you just
want to appear that way to your buddies?

How will I use the boat?
Take an honest look inside yourself. Is
there a difference between the fantasy in
your head and how you’re actually going
to end up using the boat? If there is, you
need to reconcile that difference. That
doesn’t mean you have to give up your
dreams of setting the world record for top
speed, but you might want to look into
something a little more reasonable.

Who will use the boat?
Are you a lone wolf, eager to go fast
and meet new people out on the
water? Or do you have family
who will make different use
of your boat?
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