Southeast Asia Building – May-June 2018

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Singapore – To build a
pipeline of professionals,
managers, executives and
technicians (PMETs) to
support the transformation
of the Built Environment
sector, the Building and
Construction Authority (BCA),
together with its industry
partners, has awarded more
than 130 scholarships and
sponsorships to students
pursuing built environment
courses at the Institute of
Technical Education (ITE).
This is part of BCA’s and
industry firms’ efforts to build
up a skilled and competent
workforce by attracting more
Singaporeans into the sector
while offering opportunities
for continuing education and
training (CET).
As part of industry
transformation, BCA has

New continuing education and training (CET) courses to

support the construction ITM

partnered industry firms and
institutes of higher learning
(IHLs) to strengthen the quality
of the workforce. Besides
attracting new entrants
through scholarship and
sponsorship programmes,
the tripartite partners are
developing and progressively
rolling out new CET courses
for post-ITE and post-diploma
graduates, to strengthen
industry competency in the
key transformation areas of
Integrated Digital Delivery
(IDD), Design for Manufacturing
and Assembly (DfMA) and
green buildings.
Starting from April 2018,
ITE will begin offering the
ITE Work-Learn Technical
Diploma (WLTD) in Mechanical
& Electrical Services
Supervision for ITE graduates.
This is to form a pipeline

of Mechanical & Electrical
Coordinators and Resident
Technical Officers (RTOs)
and deepen ITE graduates’
technical and basic design
knowledge. The programme
will also train students to
use Building Information
Modeling (BIM) software to
interpret, amend and update
the Mechanical, Electrical
and Plumbing (MEP) systems
of a building and extract the
necessary information for
coordination works.
For post-diploma
graduates, there are two
new BIM-related part-time
Specialist Diplomas made
available from this year. Both
SkillsFuture Earn and Learn
Programmes (ELPs) will offer
diploma holders with skills
deepening and continuing
education in the area of IDD.

Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
and BCA Academy (BCAA) will
be rolling out the one-year
Specialist Diploma in Building
Information Modelling
(Construction and Asset
Management). Commencing
in April 2018, this programme
is open to polytechnic and
BCAA graduates with relevant
In October 2018, Singapore
Polytechnic will be launching
its Specialist Diploma in BIM
Management programme.
This one-year work and
study programme is open to
fresh diploma graduates with
diploma in architecture, civil
engineering with business,
landscape architecture,
mechanical engineering
and electrical and electronic

Singapore – Surbana Jurong Private Limited signed a
Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with the City of Townsville
to collaborate in various areas with the aim of developing the
City into a vibrant, smart and connected Hub.
Under the MOC, Surbana Jurong will collaborate with the
City on economic, community and social innovation focused
initiatives, including providing consultancy on the digitisation
of Townsville and growing aviation links to Singapore.
Mr Wong Heang Fine, Group CEO of Surbana Jurong said:
“The cooperation between Surbana Jurong and the City of
Townsville is reflective of the strong relations between Australia
and Singapore. Townsville is a city with immense potential. The
building of defence training facilities near Townsville under the
Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative will provide the
seed for the City’s development, from defence-support services,
to logistics, transport, R&R facilities and tourism.”
Cr Jenny Hill, Mayor of the City of Townsville said: “These
initiatives will see our city become a hive of innovation, allowing
us to attract new businesses with new jobs in growth areas. We’re looking forward to cooperating with Surbana Jurong on making it

Australia’s City of Townsville taps Surbana Jurong to boost

regional growth and rejuvenation

Wong Heang Fine and Mayor Jenny Hill after the MOC signing.
Photo: © Surbana Jurong
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