Southeast Asia Building – May-June 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
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ello readers and welcome to
another issue of Southeast Asia
Building. These days, buildings
are getting taller and taller, and are
changing the skyline of every city in the
world. But one does not need to go so

far to see this trend. In Southeast Asia alone, the number

of high-rise buildings has grown so much that some

of them have joined the ranks of existing skyscrapers

in the world. In our Architecture + Interior section, we

feature some of the upcoming and new skyscrapers

which are set to transform the landscape of major cities

in Southeast Asia.

In our Special Feature, you will get to read about

iconic playgrounds and how they have made play more

creative and fun for children of all ages and abilities.

For our Architect’s Corner, we have a put together an

interview with veteran architect Dr Liu Thai Ker on

forming his own new practice Morrow Architects &

Planners Pte Ltd, his thoughts of good urban planning

and his design philosophies.

Enjoy this issue and we welcome any feedback that

you might have regarding the magazine.



  • Architecture + Interior – Educational Buildings

  • Special Feature – Facade System

  • Product Focus – Interiors (Wall coverings,

screens & wall partitions, acoustics, access floor

system and ceiling system)

  • Architect’s Corner – Interview

Amita Natverlal

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