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(Barré) #1
airframe (and I’m easily pleased),
I pre-shadowed the whole thing
using XF-85 Rubber Black. On top
of this went the first camouflage
colour, RLM76 Lichtblau.
Many articles have been written
on this and other paints used by the
Luftwaffe (and their variations),
particularly towards the end of the
war due to increasing shortages.
Lichtblau suffered from the use of
fuel as a thinner on the real thing,
which had the effect of attacking
the blue pigments and allowing
the yellow of the zinc chromate
element to bleed through. This
accounts for a greenish tinge which
has been noted in contemporary
colour photographs. In short,
there are myriad variations to be

seen, none of which can be
described as totally accurate, so
I was happy to use XF-23 Light
Blue with a hint of yellow added.
Next was RLM75 Grauviolett,
about which much of the above
comments also apply. After
preparing the sides with white
tack sausages and masking tape,
I sprayed the top of the fuselage
and the relevant sections of the
wings with XF-66 Light Grey. More
masking followed, after which I
completed the main part of the
painting using XF-24 Dark Grey to
represent RLM74 Graugrun. With
the masking removed (no runs,
yay!), I gave the whole airframe a


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