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(Barré) #1
a hole I’d cut
in the leading
edge of the port
wing at the behest of
the instruction sheet
at Stage 2. It appears to
be for a landing light but
there is no further mention
of it whatever in the build.
Even worse, the clear piece
obviously intended to fit
is blacked out on the sprue
map, which suggests it is
not appropriate for either
variant in the kit. Having a hole
to fill, I went on to fit the piece,
encouraged by its appearance in
Revell’s own photos of a completed
model. It was that or a horrendous

repaint job.
One final detail
I added at this
stage was the pair of
inboard machine guns.
The instructions would
have you fit these at Stage
19, but with my usual aim
of avoiding unnecessary
masking, I checked that they
would fit at a MUCH later
stage and left them till the
end. Sadly you can’t do this
with the outboard guns.
With the model finished
it was time to sit back and
have another Jamison’s!

Revell’s approach to 1/32 fighters is a
breath of fresh air in many ways. They
are producing a range of accurate,

well-moulded kits at
bargain prices that stand
comparison with more
expensive competitors
in almost every area.
There are aftermarket
sets to enhance them if that’s what
you want, but mostly I was content
to build this one out of the box.
The cockpit is basic, and I was
led to cut a hole in the wing which
appeared to be superfluous, but
apart from that, it’s got everything
I want in a kit. It’s a variant of the
Butcher Bird that I was completely
unfamiliar with, and was a most
enjoyable build from start to
finish, with just the right amount
of complexity for this old man.
My thanks to Revell Germany
for supplying the sample of kit
to build. You can purchase yours
from the large number of Revell
stockists around the world.


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