Scale aviation modeller international

(Barré) #1
6 Butcher of the Night
Revell 1/32 Fw 190 A-8/R
Nightfighter by PeteR Barker

28 Quickbuild Delfin
AMK 1/72 Aero L-29 Delfin
by Garth Nicholson



hat inspires you
to spend hours
painting and sticking
bits of plastic together?
Last month I hit a modeller’s
block despite having a stash
that some of my friends have
nicknamed Hannants Midlands
Branch nothing inspired me
to start work on anything.
I know inspiration comes from
various sources, one of my friends
is a pot hunter, the only thing
that will make him start work is
the thought of winning medals at
local shows. To that end he will
spend months procrastinating
about how he is going to build
a and detail a model with many
many hours of research devoted
both to the subject and what
aftermarket sets are available.

Sometimes spending weeks
tracking down an obscure item
that has been out of production
for years but is vital to his plans.
Another friend is a classic
member of the IPMS (I Plague Model
Shops) brigade, always waiting for
the latest, best (most expensive)
version of a Spitfire, Bf109 or Fw190.
Inevitably buying at least two just
in case he mucks up the first one.
Sadly, his turnaround of models is
quite slow so despite having built
a beautiful cockpit or engine the
model will fall by the wayside as
yet another newest greatest most
incredible kit hits the shelves.
Finally, we have another of my
acquaintances who has no logic
or reason to his modelling he will
model any scale, any subject, any
period. For no apparent reason
he will just start building a World
War 1 Biplane, a modern Jet or
even pushing the boundaries
of sanity a tank. Even he does

not know what inspire him. He
does not have a stash like most
of us he will just wander around
a model show or hobby shop
and then suddenly inspiration
strikes, and he will come back
to our club stand clutching his
latest acquisitions. What is really
annoying is that no matter what
the subject he normally does a
pretty good job of it as well.
Myself - I am a mixture of all
three though sadly I rarely place in
competition unless there are less
than three models on the table but,
I do like to try. Seeing all the latest
kits coming through my hands I do
occasionally succumb as happened
recently when the Wingnut Wings
Junkers D.1 did not make it out
of my workshop but I tend to fall
into the third category nowadays
any scale, any period I just have
an urge to build something for no
apparent reason. In the last year
airlines World War 1 and 2 fighters,

cold war bombers and modern
jets have all passed through my
hands in all the major scales.
But there is one thing all four
of us have in common we have
fun, and that is what this hobby
is all about. No matter what
the subject no matter what the
scale the whole point is to have
a hobby that you enjoy. So, until
next time I hope you enjoy the
latest edition of your magazine.

David Francis, Editor
[email protected]

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Scale Aviation Modeller International
June 2018 • Volume 24 • Issue 6

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