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the 325th Fighter Wing’s
95th Fighter Squadron
‘Boneheads’ arrived at
Spangdahlem Air Base,
Germany from Tyndall AFB,
Florida, on August 8. The 13 Raptors
were scheduled to remain in theater
for several weeks as part of a  ghter
training deployment.
The commander of US Air Forces
in Europe, Gen Tod D. Wolters, told
reporters that the deployment was
part of the European Deterrence

Initiative (EDI), enabling integrated
training with locally based units
and allies. 95th FS commander Lt
Col Joshua Biederman said the

deployment was supported by the
wing’s Air Force Reserve Command
associate unit, the 301st FS, which
has been integrated since 2014.

Accompanied by a KC-135R from
the 100th Air Refueling Wing at RAF
Mildenhall, a pair of F-22As landed
Larissa Air Base, Greece, on August
10 for local training with the Hellenic
Air Force. Five F-22As also traveled
to Powidz Air Base, near Poznan,
Poland on August 14 for theater
familiarization and interoperability
training. Four of the  ghters took
part in a  yby celebrating Poland’s
national Army Day over Warsaw the
following day. Another  ight of two
Raptors conducted joint training


‘Reapers’ deploy to Iceland
F-15Cs operated by the 48th
Expeditionary Fighter Wing’s 493rd
Fighter Squadron ‘Grim Reapers’
deployed to Ke avík Air Base. Iceland,
and assumed responsibility for the
NATO Icelandic Air Surveillance
mission on July 30. The deployment,
which ran through August 23,
marked the 11th time that the unit
has taken on the task since 2008. For
this rotation, around 280 personnel
and 13 Eagles deployed from RAF
Lakenheath. While four of the  ghters
were typically assigned to the alert
mission, the remainder supported
ongoing training. The deployment
was also aided by the 31st Fighter
Wing’s 606th Air Control Squadron,
which deployed a command and
control team from Aviano Air Base,

Italy. The latter unit supported the air-
policing mission and provided tactical
control for the  ghters.

Barksdale bomber swap
B-52Hs operated by the 2nd Bomb
Wing’s 96th Bomb Squadron have
deployed to Andersen AFB, Guam,
where they assumed responsibility
for the Continuous Bomber Presence
mission. Their arrival allowed
Stratofortresses from the 20th
Expeditionary Bomb Squadron to
return to Barksdale. The unit had been
deployed to Andersen in support
of the US Indo-Paci c Command
mission since January 2018.
Shortly after arriving in the region
a pair of B-52Hs from the 96th
conducted joint operations with six
F-15Js operated by the Japan Air Self-

Defense Force. The bilateral training
mission took place near Japan on July
26, 2018. The bombers subsequently
conducted training with the US Navy
near Okinawa, Japan, before returning
to Guam. On August 1, a pair of
B-52Hs conducted joint operations
with two P-8As assigned to US Navy
patrol squadrons VP-45 and VP-4. The
mission was conducted over the East
China Sea near Japan.

Moody A-10s deploy to Kandahar
A-10Cs operated by the 75th Fighter
Squadron deployed from Moody
AFB, Georgia, to Kandahar Air eld,
Afghanistan, in mid-July. The ‘Tiger
Sharks’ replaced A-10Cs that had been
deployed by the Indiana Air National
Guard’s 163rd Expeditionary Fighter
Squadron. While deployed, the 75th

Expeditionary Fighter Squadron
will provide close air support and
support combat search and rescue
(CSAR) missions. Prior to its arrival in
Afghanistan, the squadron deployed
to an undisclosed location in support
of the US Central Command mission
Operation ‘Spartan Shield’.

‘Lobos’ at Bagram
F-16Cs and airmen from the South
Dakota Air National Guard’s 175th
Fighter Squadron arrived at Bagram
Air eld, Afghanistan, on July 27.
The unit replaced F-16Cs assigned
to the Oklahoma Air National
Guard’s 125th Expeditionary Fighter
Squadron. While deployed the
‘Lobos’ will continue to assist the
Afghan government and security
forces in their  ght against Taliban,

F-15C serial 86-0164 assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing’s 493rd
Expeditionary Fighter Squadron departs from RAF Lakenheath,
UK, at the start of a deployment in support of NATO’s Icelandic Air
Surveillance mission on July 30. USAF/SrA Malcolm Mayfi eld

A pair of B-52Hs, operated by the 2nd Bomb Wing’s 96th Expeditionary
Bomb Squadron, conducts a routine bilateral training mission with F-15Js
from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force near Japan, on July 26. USAF

The Raptor deployment marks the third major European deployment for the
‘Boneheads’, which also deployed in 2015 and 2016. Peter Ten Berg


12 October 2018 //^

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