Aviation News. 05.2018

(Axel Boer) #1
Cover photos (main image): A montage featuring one of the UK’s F-35B Lightnings (the
Dambusters are due to re-form on this aircraft type) and artwork of Guy Gibson’s Lancaster
during the famous Dams raid. F-35B photo: Crown copyright 2016. Artwork: Antonis Karidis.
Inset (bottom left): A Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER taking off from Heathrow past British
Airways Boeing 747-400s parked at Terminal 5. AirTeamImages.com/Alex Peake. Inset
(bottom right): An Air Canada DC-9-32 in 1979. AirTeamImages.com/Caz Caswell
Overseas cover (main image): An American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82. Galen
Burrows. Inset (bottom left): One of the four Engineering and Manufacturing Development
Sikorsky YCH-53Ks. Sikorsky Aircraft. Inset (bottom right): A Virgin Australia Airbus 330-200.
AirTeamImages.com/Sarmad Al-Khozaie

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20 Heathrow – Runway to Global
Bernie Baldwin reports on the progress of the third
runway project at London’s Heathrow Airport as well as
other developments at the hub.

28 CH-53K: A New Breed of Stallion
Tom Kaminski details the evolution of the Sikorsky
CH-53K King Stallion.

34 G-For-George
The Lancaster used by Wg Cdr Guy Gibson on the
Dams raid survived the war but was ultimately scrapped.
Nigel Price charts the history of this famous aircraft.

38 617 Sqn Through the Decades
We present a photographic rundown of the major
aircraft types used by 617 Sqn – from 1943 to the
current day.

42 Dambusters Deltas
Dr Kevin Wright talks with former 617 Sqn Vulcan crew
members about their experiences on the unit.

48 New Era for the Dambusters
The Officer Commanding 617 Sqn, Wg Cdr John
Butcher, tells editor Dino Carrara about the unit’s
progress and plans with the F-35B.

56 DC-9 Family: Short-haul Success
Charles Woodley outlines the history of the Douglas
DC-9/MD-80 jet family.

62 Harbour Air: No Runway? No
Tony Dixon examines Canada’s Harbour Air seaplane

77 Virgin Australia: Breaking the Mould
Chris Frame looks at the Virgin airlines brand in
Australia from its formation in 2000 as a low-cost carrier
to a full-service airline today.

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