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“Perfection” — Wolfgang Promper

Wolfgang Promper recently took an FLI MicroLine MLx694 to Tivoli AstroFarm in
Namibia. Paired with the Tele Vue NP127, CenterLine filter wheel, and Atlas
focuser, the results were spectacular! His review:

“The sensitivity is amazing, the noise extremely low, but what I really felt is that it is
the perfection we all are looking for. Every subframe looks like a calibrated master
and it connects you directly to the object you’re imaging. If it were a musical
instrument, I would compare it with a Stradivarius.”

At Finger Lakes Instrumentation, we design and build unrivaled cameras, filter
wheels, and focusers to pave your way to success—whichever path you choose.
Designed and manufactured in New York, USA.

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Trifid Nebula imaged with MicroLine MLx694 and Tele Vue NP127. Image courtesy of Wolfgang Promper.

MicroLine MLx694 camera
Readout Noise: 3 electrons
Peak Quantum Efficiency: 75%
Cooling: 60°C below ambient
Dark Current: <1 electron/hour

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