Aviation Archive Issue 25 - 2016 UK

(Jacob Rumans) #1

JUNKERS Ju 88 15

Junkers Ju 88G-

Type: Twin-engined
night fighter
Crew: Four
Length: 47ft 8.5in (14.54m),
excluding radar
Wingspan: 65ft 7.5in (20m)
Height: 15ft 11in (4.85m)
Empty: 20,020lb (9,081kg)
Max T/O: 28,870lb (13,095kg)
Max Speed: 356mph (573km/h)
Range: 1,553 miles (2,500km)
Powerplant: Two BMW 801Ds of
1,677hp each
Armament: Four fixed forward-firing
20mm MG 151 cannon
in ventral tray with 200
rounds each and one
flexible 13mm MG 131
machine-gun at rear of
cockpit with 500 rounds.
Optional ‘Schräge Musik’
installation in upper
fuselage with two 20mm
MG 151 cannon firing
obliquely forward

Left and above: Junkers Ju 88C of
Maj Heinrich Prinz of Stab IV NJG 5.
Born on 14 August 1916, Prinz was of
aristocratic descent and a Luftwaffe
night fighter ace during World
War 2. At the time of his death on
21 January 1944, he was the highest scoring
night fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe and still the
third highest by the end of the conflict, with 83
aerial victories to his credit.

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