Aviation Archive Issue 25 - 2016 UK

(Jacob Rumans) #1


Above: The formidable Junkers Ju 88G was
greatly feared by the crews of RAF Bomber
Command during their night raids over Europe.
Too often they were not even aware of their
deadly foe’s presence until they were hit. This
aircraft, Ju 88G-5 W7+LN, belonged to NJG 100.

Top: Thanks to this captured Ju 88G (note the
larger tail fin) the RAF was able to develop
tactics to counter the powerful radar and
effectively blind the night fighter.

Left: The Mistel (mistletoe) concept comprised
a small piloted control aircraft mounted above
a large explosive-packed drone, often ‘tired’
Ju 88 airframes. The combination would be
flown to its target by its pilot in the fighter (in
this case a FW 190), before the unmanned
bomber was released and guided to its target
by remote control.
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