Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
chance of staying attached.
The wing struts also lack firm
footings, but rather than drilling
and pinning them, I trusted to
Pheon’s jig, paint-free attachment
points, and a long, long drying time.
Curiously, I found one of the struts
was short by 2 mm. This rang a faint
bell, and after dredging through
my browser history (always risky),

I found a write-up of the Avis
release in which the reviewer had
encountered exactly the same
problem. So not me this time! The
strut was easily lengthened.

In re-releasing a previous kit
from Avis, Mikro Mir have filled

an important gap in the ever-
growing range of Great War aircraft
in 1/32 scale. The result can be a
marvellously colourful addition to
one’s display cabinet. It’s not an easy
build, however. Without additions
from Airscale, Pheon, CMK, Roden,
Wingnut Wings, and Master, it would
have fallen short in several areas.
Our thanks to Mikro Mir for

supplying the review sample. It’s
available in the UK from Hannants
for the reasonable price of £31.99,
which means that even after adding
aftermarket parts, this kit costs less
than many other manufacturers’
single-seat World War One fighters.



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