Scale Aviation Modeller International — February 2018

(Jacob Rumans) #1
included in the kit, which is always
a welcome addition to any model.
However, the masks didn’t actually
fit the transparencies, and most
of them needed to be trimmed to
size. They also caused some
problems later, as the build
was coming to an end,
as mentioned below.

Before applying the decals, I
airbrushed several coats of gloss
enamel varnish over the entire
model. Once thoroughly dry, this
was flatted back, using wet Micro
Mesh polishing cloths to remove
any debris that would mar the
finish. This also eradicates the
steps created when airbrushing
one camouflage colour over
another – the inevitable result
of spraying against hard-

edged masks, no matter how
frugal one is with the paint.
As mentioned earlier, the
decal options in the kit are rather
uninspiring; I chose the most
colourful of the four, displaying the
markings of III/JG132 “Richthofen”.

There are two small decal sheets,
printed on blue backing paper,
which feature the national
markings and stencilling common
to all of the early Bf.109 kits thus far
released by AMG, plus a third sheet,
printed with the individual aircraft
markings featured in this release.
The decals seemed translucent
on the sheet, the texture of the
paper clearly showing through the
yellow sections of the markings.
Once applied, however, the colours

appeared suitably opaque on the
darkly painted upper surfaces.
The decals themselves are matt
in appearance, although they
have gloss carrier film around
their edges, which is something
I don’t remember seeing before.
They proved to be thinly printed,
and settled nicely onto the
model’s surface with a single
application of softening solution.
My reference photographs reveal
that, despite their drab appearance,
early Bf109’s actually had a high-
gloss finish. I decided against such
a high-shine finish on my model,
however, and instead decided upon
a very smooth satin finish that
would hint at the gloss finish of the
actual aircraft. Wanting to avoid any


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